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Camera Surveillance

Camera Surveillance

Having your home or business broken into is a very unfortunate event that can feel like a violating experience. Even if it is a small theft, having your home and sanctuary broken into by a stranger, can be stressful.  Having proper security systems in place can often help prevent and deter break-ins. In our current age, surveillance is becoming easier and more accessible via phones or apps. Checking on the safety of your home can be only a push away.

Among safety and security, there are many other beneficial reasons to have camera surveillance. Cameras can have many other additional uses for more personal reasons aside from security.  For instance if you have a pet at home and want to check in to make sure it's behaving while you are away, or if you simply need to check the baby monitor for when your child is sleeping in the other room.

FERAD Electronics Inc. has many camera and video solutions you want and need for your home and business. There is a vast range of quality available when it comes to camera systems and their components. We have a team of surveillance specialists that will design the highest quality system for you within your budget. We install it with great care and precision utilizing our many years of experience and expertise in the field of surveillance and remote access.

We can integrate surveillance seamlessly with your security and home automation systems or design the perfect stand alone package to meet your security requirements.

  • Home video cameras
  • Business and industrial grade video cameras
  • Camera Systems with Smartphone, PC and Mac access
  • Smartphone security system and remote surveillance apps
  • Motion or macro specific activated video and notification systems
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Stand alone NVR and Camera systems with or without remote access
  • Covert surveillance cameras
  • Installation of customers self purchased camera systems
  • Service/Repair/Expand existing systems

What you don’t know about camera systems and their differences could lead to poor quality and regret. Our surveillance specialists will educate you on all the differences, without obligation and they will prepare a high quality and affordable quote for your consideration.

Whether for personal or safety reasons, cameras can be valued in your home and FERAD is here to help. Call FERAD Electronics Inc. today and see the difference in everything that we do!