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FERAD Electronics Inc. provides the latest in technology for security in your home or business.  We can provide wired and wireless solutions for any kind of installation.  With FERAD Electronics Inc. you can even have several technologies working together providing you with everything you need including security, surveillance and smart home automation and control of your lights, heating and other devices.

Get true peace of mind with a better security alarm system with complete awareness and control. Receive real time notifications on your smart phone(s). FERAD Electronics Inc. provides a wide array of both security and advanced smart home features not found in most traditional alarm systems with time-saving, cost-saving, and worry-saving features to help customers manage their homes. The reliable, 24/7 secure monitoring systems feature:

  • Intrusion and home safety monitoring (includes fire, gas and flood)
  • Remote access so the system can be controlled away from home via a secure online site or Smartphone app
  • Email/Text alerts to notify customers of occurrences at the home
  • Safety sensors to detect hazardous conditions such as carbon monoxide and smoke
  • Secure video monitoring and recording available via smart phone or a web browser
  • Control of home functions such as lighting and temperature

Security is a natural of the many other products and services we provide – enabling our customers with a stronger sense of connectedness, personal control, security and support all within one company.

It is our desire to deliver solutions that meet the individual and unique needs of each customer.  Customization is our specialty. 

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